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Listen to innovators, change agents, entrepreneurs, creators, and researchers who all are making big leaps, nudging change, creating differently, or watching what is happening from a unique POV.  Dr. Gigi Johnson from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music explores with our guests how tech is transforming how we create, collaborate, and create communities around music in a connected age -- in our home towns and in communities across the globe.

Nov 19, 2018

Cherie Hu has grabbed a front-row seat to tech and music change. Forbes grabbed her after graduation from Harvard, bringing her interests in music and tech to their own digital pages. She also brings that magic to both Billboard, Variety, Pitchfork, and Music Business Worldwide, among other publications. She shares how she tracks both the news and how people react to the news into her own analysis of music change. Her own sandbox, Music and Water, is how she gathers many of the pieces of her reporting into one place to share. She talked with Gigi Johnson about new work in music and AI, her favorite conferences, her travel as a reporter, and her exploration of how music is merging with other industries. She shared thoughts on holograms in music and influencers as a merging of Artificial Intelligence and CGI, plus new ways to personalize sound with biometrics with adaptive music solutions. After Gigi asked her if there is a book in the works, she talked about her own interest in the intersection of music and startup culture.

Guest: Cherie Hu, Forbes, Billboard, Pitchfork, Music Business Worldwide

Cherie Hu is an entrepreneurial journalist passionate about documenting and propelling innovation in music, media and entertainment. In September 2017, she received the Reeperbahn Festival's inaugural award for Music Business Journalist of the Year. She focuses on reporting and analysis on music and tech for publications including Billboard, Forbes, Music Business Worldwide, Variety and Pitchfork, as well as blogging on artist strategy for Stem, Songtrust, Medium​ and others. She is working on research on media business models with NYU Journalism's Membership Puzzle Project.  In addition to Midem, she has spoken at international conferences including SXSW, Sónar+D, Tokyo Dance Music Event, Sørveiv, FastForward, Hacking Arts and SF MusicTech. Previously, Hu spearheaded a research project on digital music business models at Harvard Business School, and interned in product marketing at Ticketmaster and in A&R at Interscope Records. She majored in Statistics at Harvard University with a minor in Music and certificate in French, and strives to weave her myriad passions for quantitative research, the performing arts, tech innovation and international cultures into her work.

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