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Listen to innovators, change agents, entrepreneurs, creators, and researchers who all are making big leaps, nudging change, creating differently, or watching what is happening from a unique POV.  Dr. Gigi Johnson from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music explores with our guests how tech is transforming how we create, collaborate, and create communities around music in a connected age -- in our home towns and in communities across the globe.

Feb 11, 2019

Iris Wu and Pei-Lun Hsieh from Ambidio were inspired to understand and create new ways for creative artists to design immersive sound for "regular" playback on computers, laptops, and phones. In this podcast, they share their journey in experimenting, connecting with Skywalker sound, and getting to their current jumping off point in connecting a new dimension of creative sound with video, music, and game creators.

Guests: Iris Wu and Pei-Lun Hsieh, Ambidio

Iris Wu is the idea generator and founder of Ambidio. She has a Master’s Degree in Music Technology from New York University. Iris is recognized as one of the Young Entertainment Professionals selected by Hollywood Professional Association and was listed on 40 Under 40 by Prestige as well as Asia’s Top 50 Rising Tech Stars by Tatler.

Pei-Lun Hsieh is the co-founder of Ambidio. He graduated from Columbia University with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked at Weta Digital, Disney Research Zurich, and the University of Southern California. He wants to bridge creativity and technology to help artists tell and deliver better stories.