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Listen to innovators, change agents, entrepreneurs, creators, and researchers who all are making big leaps, nudging change, creating differently, or watching what is happening from a unique POV.  Dr. Gigi Johnson from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music explores with our guests how tech is transforming how we create, collaborate, and create communities around music in a connected age -- in our home towns and in communities across the globe.

Aug 29, 2016

Dae brings us his adventures from the start-up world. He shares his observations from living as a self-described "data nerd" while creating new business solutions in music tech as a "non-tech person." He talkes at length about data and issues like "choreography" between databases and companies, getting sets of data to "talk to each other." He calls out new tech areas of interest, and takes a quick look at blockchain as a possible new "container" of distributing data and artist funds.

Guest: Dae Bogan, TuneRegistry

As a serial entrepreneur, Dae is the founder of music & artist marketing agency, Maven Promo, and co-founder of TuneRegistry, a next generation music rights and metadata management platform that enables independent artists to take control of the information surrounding their catalog.  Dae has founded a number of music-related businesses, and has provided services and guidance to a portfolio of music tech and digital media start-up. As a writer and speaker, Dae covers topics surrounding music, tech, start-ups, digital media, and the DIY indie musician on music industry websites and blogs including Hypebot, CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog, and Indie On The Move.