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Innovating Music

Join our talks with diverse innovators about disruptive technologies in music.  We bring together with unique voices from inside and outside of the music industry. As Kevin Kelly has been quoted to say, “The Future is Already Here -- It’s just not evenly distributed.” Join us to see where the future may already have landed.

Apr 22, 2019

This brief episode features our host and Center director, Gigi Johnson, sharing an invitation to join us in person at UCLA (while supplies last) or via Zoom online for our May 15 Conference on Amplifying Music in Our Los Angeles.  Gigi shares the questions that other Music Cities are asking -- how to amplify local music scenes in the face of (a) gentrification and (b) this streaming era.  She outlines what the day will bring and how questions such as mapping and gentrification bring out other questions of whose LA and formal and informal LA.

Tickets are available for free at and the past Feb. 6 event recordings and information can be found -- along with a city map of formal venues -- at